In the effort to be economical & efficient while being as sustainable as possible, industries find themselves shifting towards greener, renewable energy sources, like solar power.

Solar grids provide the alternative with projects capable of generating up to 133 kV or more, suitable for high requirements that are typical of the industrial sector.

Such setups require acres of non-irrigable land over which solar parks are constructed. With a life not less than 25 years, solar park projects undertaken by Golden Infra are perfect for those that seek to control consumption costs while keeping a long-term view in place.

The main setup involves constructing a grid which is connected to a transmission utility that supplies the power to the industries nearby.

Post-this, running a solar park also includes hiring & deploying security, lighting, metering systems, the SCADA Data System, perimeter fencing for protection from wild animals & regular maintenance all of which is handled by Golden Infra.

Thus, we are the consolidated stop for all industrial solar power solutions.

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